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Fishing in Transkei | Transkei Accommodation | Jeffs Place

Affordable Holiday in Transkei | Jeff's Place... Fishing and Accommodation in Transkei

Experience an affordable holiday in Transkei with a full, breathtaking sea-view! Jeff's Place is just a few hours away from the South African border and is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in the Transkei. You experience a different culture when crossing the border - a culture pf peace and openess...View-from-jeffs-place, transkei-holiday, accommodation transkei The people are different open to tourism and very friendly.  Add this to a picturesque landscape you have a recipe of total tranquility!

The Transkei offers an untamed & wild stretch of Southern African coastline. The population of inhabitants is ail spread with miles and miles of unspoiled land. Countless Aloe silhouette the horizon and you will experience untamed valleys and waterfalls.

Being an independent homeland,  the Transkei holds a different political outlook. You do not experience history scars, hatred or any other hidden agendas, regardless of its reintegration into South Africa in 1994.


The Transkei can be named as “The land where time stand still” after your visit.  You will experience traditional living of the locals in their hut "rondawel" villages. Experience true hand-made African curio and crafts for a fraction of a price. All living and services are very affordable!

Jeff's Place is situated above Shelly Beach, come, unwind, relax and enjoy true Pondo hospitality. The crystal-clear seawaters offer an abundance of marine life, for divers, fishermen, spear fishermen and those that truly just want to explore.

Jeff's Place offers a rustic venue, four double rooms, lounge, a well equipped kitchen with gas cookers, electric stove, fridge and freezer, flushing toilet's, hot shower and separate full bathroom.

Jeff's Place is lends you the opportunity to cultural tours of to the surrounding villages, be it by foot or horseback and it gives one the sense of time gone by. Large forests in the valley's around Jeff's Place offers a magnificent ecosystem with the sounds of hornbills echoing through its depth. Numerous waterfalls and rivers in the area offering skiing and picnic venues, with fish eagles chanting above

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